Drug Rehabs & Addiction Treatment Centers

Pacific Analytics provides high-tech laboratory services that cater to individual testing and monitoring challenges of addiction treatment.

We pride ourselves on extraordinary service, pace, and accuracy.

Urinalysis helps in identifying drugs and drug metabolites and ensure that your patients receive appropriate care to keep them safe. Moreover, we have an industry-leading turnaround time and strive to maintain strict quality protocols to ensure quick and accurate results.

For drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment centers, urinalysis by Pacific Analytics allows staff at the center to monitor patient drug use and ensure that they are taking appropriate medication. This is not done to put the patient in a difficult position, but rather to help them in their journey to addiction treatment and to keep the provider informed so that they can adjust the treatment plan of their patient.

Why Choose Us?

Our quality urinalysis services help providers recognize drug toxicity in patients and ensure they get the appropriate care to keep them safe and minimize discomfort.

  • Advanced EMR portal
  • 24-48 Hours Turnaround Time
  • Accurate Results
  • Hassle-Free Services
  • Error-Free Reporting
  • Double Checked Test Results to Eliminate the Risks of Medical Errors
  • We Focus on Patient Safety and Fulfill the Compliance Guidelines of Regulators
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