Newark Reference Lab Services

Reference Lab Services in Newark

Do you know patients’ satisfaction from medical laboratory services is an essential element to become a top-quality healthcare management system?

Patients’ satisfaction is influenced by several factors that include the expertise of medical staff, quality of services, turnaround time, and the availability of the latest equipment. Without all these factors, any healthcare service provider may end up receiving backlash from its unsatisfied patients, which can have a significantly bad impact on their business.

In order to continually prosper as a healthcare facility, you need to partner with a trustworthy lab. Pacific Analytics’s reference laboratory services in the Newark are up to the minute, performed by highly competent staff. The professionalism of our medical experts serves our core values that include not only authentic results but also, on-time deliveries of those results.

Our reference laboratory functions with three core motives that include a consolidated system, the right usage of advanced mechanization, and exceptional coordination between the lab and healthcare partners, which collectively leave no room for any error.

Our services are up to standards to manage the complex toxicology tests for patients of our clients in Newark. As a clinical reference laboratory, we assist Drug Rehabs & Addiction Treatment Centers, Clinics & Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, and Assisted Living Facilities in Newark.

Why Choose Our Reference Lab Services

  • Accuracy – Deliver results accurately to save time and initiate the treatment immediately
  • Safeguarding – Exceptional systems to safeguard your personal information
  • Ease – Quick, vivid and actionable outcomes to ensure the ease of our clients

For more details, please reach out to us at (833) 354-6633 so that we can help with our clinical reference lab services.