Outsourcing clinical laboratory services

Top Six Reasons of Outsourcing Clinical Laboratory Services and how Pacific Analytics can Help You

Being a clinician is a very conscientious and tiring job as one always finds himself occupied running around in the units, filling out charts, and working closely with patients and staff. On top of it, carrying out lab tests in a hospital setting and waiting for the results is one of the essential and wearisome things all healthcare providers and patients wait for.

According to the ACLA, more than 7 billion lab tests are performed in the United States every year, making it likely everyone will have at least one test done in their life. Pacific Analytics brings cutting-edge solutions to run your business steadily through outsourcing clinical lab services in order to mitigate your burden as a clinician or a healthcare provider.

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Outsourcing has become a reliable trend due to its many benefits, which we will cover in this blog post.

What is Healthcare Outsourcing?

Healthcare organizations are responsible for saving a large number of lives at a time while ensuring that their patients are getting all the necessary services exactly when needed. However, improving the patient experience from the early diagnostic stage to the complete recovery phase is unattainable without an exemplary clinical lab as the test results provided by the lab determine the entire treatment course for patients.

Outsourcing clinical laboratory services involve partnering with a well-equipped and structured laboratory to do the lab work instead of in-house testing. In other words, it practically involves giving the responsibility of your healthcare facility’s lab work to a third party.

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Why do Healthcare Companies Outsource?

Most clinics and hospitals strive to provide the best quality patient care and to successfully manage this obligation and flourish in the healthcare landscape, all organizations explore new approaches for a better patient experience.

One increasingly appealing strategy is outsourcing clinical laboratory services to efficiently deal with the medical testing needs pertaining to patient treatment plans. Hospitals are incredibly fertile for outsourcing because they provide a vast and complex array of services.

However, outsourcing clinical laboratory services is a topic of conflict among some healthcare professionals because it comes with a series of reasonable questions. For example, is it cost-effective, and what about turnaround time?

Pacific Analytics decided to highlight a few paramount reasons you should take into account when outsourcing clinical laboratory services, which will also answer the questions or doubts of healthcare providers.

Outsourcing Lab Services
Why are Outsourcing Clinical Laboratory Services Strongly Required?

Top Six Reasons for Outsourcing Clinical Laboratory Services

Helps You Save Money:

Cost reduction is generally the driving force of most outsourcing decisions: every organization, hospital, or clinic works under a specific budget. Therefore, you should be extra careful about how much money you can save by outsourcing clinical laboratory services.

It is observed that when you take the services of outsourced lab management, in addition to having experts handle your testing needs, you can save up to 20% of costs.

Outsourcing clinical laboratory services can help healthcare facilities
Outsourcing clinical laboratory services can help healthcare facilities

At Pacific Analytics, the cost reduction is achieved by using advanced software that minimizes the possibility of errors and the need for re-testing. This makes us more efficient and highly accurate at the services we provide.

Comes with Fastest Turnaround Times:

Timeliness should always be prioritized since many diagnostic tests are typically time-sensitive. Patients anxiously wait for their results before being instructed on how to proceed further or treat their symptoms. It directly shows that courses of action and treatment are determined based on the results that come from the laboratory while manifesting that timeliness is the utmost.

Therefore, medical practices want to work with lab facilities to assure quick and accurate test results. Not to mention that transporting samples from the hospital to the lab also causes further delays, so timeliness should be ensured with this part.

At Pacific Analytics, our tests have a turnaround time of 24-48 hours as we understand the importance of timeliness in a hospital or clinical setup.

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Gives You Access to Trained Workforce and Expertise:

Another compelling reason for outsourcing clinical laboratory services apart from the cost-effectiveness is the availability of a trained and highly-skilled team, ready to take on laboratory testing of any size and intricacy.

Our highly experienced staff provides unmatched expertise and quality assurance when catering to your patients’ toxicology needs. In addition, we use quality control processes to confirm that the result is accurate and minimize errors.

Leads to Improved Patient Satisfaction:

Outsourcing clinical laboratory services allow you to focus on patient care while assigning testing duties to the reference laboratory you trust. In addition, it allows you to achieve a positive experience for your patients that happens as a result of timely healthcare management. With improved patient satisfaction, you can also earn plenty of benefits for your hospital or clinic.

Assists You with Increased Accessibility to Services:

Depending on the particular testing needs, sometimes in-house labs cannot provide the required services. For instance, high-complexity and LC-MS confirmatory testing need high capital investment and expertise, so this test is typically not performed in high volumes in a hospital laboratory. Therefore, outsourcing can help fill this gap and expand your service line.

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A Great Cutback on Staff Hiring and Your Efforts to Train Them:

The cost of hiring extra staff and training them goes down significantly because the outsourcing lab manages a team of professionals on your behalf. Besides cost, it also helps you save your valuable time and efforts for employee acquisition, training, and retention. It is not your concern anymore as the outsourcing services provider operates all of these.

Why Choose Pacific Analytics for Outsourcing Clinical Laboratory Services

Pacific Analytics is one of the most competitive commercial laboratories that provides toxicology and COVID-19 PCR testing services. We specialize in clinical toxicology and other essential areas of diagnostics testing.

Our services offer a more personal approach with faster turnaround times on lab results and more timely diagnostic information for providers by using EMR integration.

How Pacific Analytics is Committed to Outsource its Services

If you are looking for outsourcing clinical laboratory services, Pacific Analytics can surely help you because, with us, you don’t have to worry about lost patient samples, delays, or inaccurate test results. In addition, with a turnaround time of 24-48 hours on patients’ toxicology tests, healthcare providers now have more control over the patient-care process.

We also provide high-tech laboratory services that cater to individual testing monitoring challenges of addiction treatment. With prescription and illicit drug abuse on the rise in the United States, high-quality and effective toxicology testing will help hospitals treat addicted patients successfully.

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Outsourcing Clinical Laboratory Services; the Takeaway

We hope this blog has addressed most of your concerns regarding outsourcing lab services. An external reference laboratory manages a significant part of a healthcare organization’s testing needs with lab outsourcing capabilities.

The most significant reasons for outsourcing are improving patient service, reducing costs, allowing healthcare organizations to focus on core responsibilities, and increasing flexibility to configure resources to meet clinical laboratory industry trends.

Pacific Analytics truly understands the struggle behind successful treatment plans leading to patient satisfaction. Therefore, we have the resources, time, and state-of-the-art equipment to do our job uprightly and contribute to quality patient care.

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