Virginia Beach Commercial Lab Services

Commercial Lab Services in Virginia Beach

Whether regular bloodwork or urine testing is required for a general checkup or to diagnose a specific medical problem like drug addiction, healthcare providers need commercial testing laboratory services to ensure that loads of medical tests are carried out with supreme accuracy and faster turnaround times.

As a commercial testing laboratory in the Virginia Beach, Pacific Analytics does everything efficiently just to make sure that our clients do not have to encounter inconsistencies pertaining to turnaround times and authenticity of test results.

After screening for presumptive positives, we further offer top-notch commercial testing services by utilizing advanced technologies such as urinalysis result confirmation using LCMS that guarantee reliable and correct results. This procedure confirms the presence of particular chemical compositions with nearly 100% certainty and no possibility of any interference that may lead to incorrect outcomes.

We employ our commercial services for detecting around 66 drugs and metabolites and cover multiple healthcare organizations, including Drug Rehabs & Addiction Treatment Centers, Clinics & Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, and Assisted Living Facilities in Virginia Beach.

To make sure that our healthcare partners are getting their patients’ test results without any perplexity, we use EMR integration that allows discrete and easily approached clinical information.

Why Choose Our Commercial Lab Services

  • Fully Licensed & Accredited by API, COLA, and CAP.
  • Fast & Efficient Courier Service
  • Same Day & Expedited Results
  • 24 Hour Support

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